I’m sure in your search to find a webmaster for your company may have heard about responsive websites and knew nothing about it. The Huffington Post recently posted an article How Important is Responsive Design which is a good primer on why it is important. Basically in a nutshell, a responsive website automatically formats its content based on the device that accesses it. So the content will format differently on a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

So why am I bringing it up? I’ve seen some websites in our local area that are not keeping up with the times. When I was approached by Apex Thermal Services, the owner wanted an up-to-date site. When we discussed this, he had no idea initially that he would end up with a responsive website. So why did it become important? Well, his competitors didn’t have responsive websites. It gave the appearance that his company is up-to-date and with the times so to speak (it just so happens that his company is up-to-date but having his website reflect this helps). And his competitors, well, they look behind the times in comparison.

Considering that more and more users are turning to their smartphones to access web content, it is imperative that a website’s content renders properly on iPhone or Android. Yes, it goes for those Windows phones too….

So when you are looking for web services and I hope you select Sirius Web Engineering, rest assure, you are getting a responsive website that is up-to-date and the envy of your competitors. Yes I said envy…..



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